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A Partnership For downtown Progress

Main Street Wildwood is a volunteer driven, not-for-profit organization, started in 1992, whose purpose is to develop and promote a vibrant, healthy, and prosperous downtown community within the context of cultural and historic preservation.  Its' mission is a livable community for island residents and its' tourists.  Main Street Wildwood sponsors numerous events and is an excellent source of commercial information for those seeking business opportunities in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Main Street Wildwood is a designated Main Street New Jersey community.  As designated communities, thousands of dollars worth of technical assistance is received from the National Main Street Center in Washington, D.C., the Main Street New Jersey Program, and the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.

Comprehensive Economic Development Plan
Holly Beach Station

The heart of our community is downtown.   Its buildings and businesses represent the history, growth, changes and spirit of the Wildwoods.  Each building, business and store front reflects the industry and pride people have brought to thehollybch.gif (16248 bytes) community.   Our downtown represents the health and vitality of our city.  downtown and its various landmarks help to create our "sense of place."  This is Main Street Wildwood's vision for Downtown Holly Beach Station.  It is this vision that directs our Board of Directors, our committee volunteers, and our project volunteers in their ideas, decisions and their planning.  Over a two year project period, it is this spirit that has motivated the Board to develop, along with a professional planner, Peter Karabashian, a comprehensive plan for downtown.  The plan is on view at the Main Street Office and available for presentation to your group by calling 729-6818.  We are currently working with the Department of Community Affairs from the State of New Jersey in developing a funding strategy for the project.


Get involved!  The Main Street Wildwood Program needs everyone.  There are three ways you can support your downtown:   through your wisdom, your work, and your wealth.

  • WISDOM:  Do you have constructive ideas about how our downtown could be improved?  If so, you can support Main Street Wildwood by contributing at committee meetings (please indicate your interest) Design, Organization, Promotion or Economic restructuring.
  • WORK:  People are needed to put good ideas into action.  You can support Main Street Wildwood by giving some of your free time.  You will be asked to provide only the amount of time that fits your schedule.   (Please indicate your interest.)  One hour per week; Five hours per week.   work on a special project.  Other: ??
  • WEALTH:  Money is needed to fund quality projects.  You can support Main Street Wildwood by contributing financially.   Your contribution will be responsibly used and go a long way towards accomplishing our goals.

Your contribution makes you a member of a team working to make the downtown of The Wildwoods an economically energized center of community life; a place that reflects the pride and values of the citizens of The Wildwoods.

Please consider supporting us as a:
Friend of Main Street $10
Individual Membership $25
Business Membership $100
Sponsor $1,000 or More

or by sending any amount to:

Main Street Wildwood
P.O. Box 1781
Wildwood, NJ  08260


Linda J. Williams, President
Gerry Paxton, Vice President
Jim Yost, Treasurer

Board Members
Len Bross, Jan Byrne, Lou Catarro, Malcolm W. Heckman, Jay M. Ford, Peter Holcombe, George Martin, Irv Posternock, Stephen S. Rubins

Executive Director
Mike Porch

Please address all correspondence to:
Main Street Wildwood
P.O. Box 1781
Wildwood, New Jersey  08260

Copyright 2001, Main Street Wildwood
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